How would it be to come home to yourself?

To love your body enough to allow it to soften and grow large and then shrink and toughen again without judging yourself?

To trust your body to birth your baby safely?

To trust your body to weather the hormonal storms of menopause and re-birth yourself?


Massage creates a safe space in the chaos of your busy life to land and come home.

Bite sized videos
Be Sure of Your Pelvic Floor
Love Your Belly
Kate head shotAs a passionate advocate for women’s health and well-being, I know that massage can be the start of a process of discovery. To inspire you find your own unique way to health, I have a wealth of free stuff and resources about pregnancy, managing stress and menstrual health on this site. You can search by issue or keyword in the ‘Find Solutions’ search at the bottom of the page or go to my 'about' page where you can search by category and tag. Whatever support you choose, remember to be kind to yourself.