Abdominal Massage Package

Abdominal massage can be effective for many issues including women’s health, digestion and fertility and in all cases you’ll get the best results from having a series of treatments, learning to give yourself the self-care massage and making some life-style changes. The

Vibrant Belly Massage Package

will give you six hours of bespoke care. You can pick and mix from abdominal massage treatments and a bespoke lesson in self-care massage and womb yoga. It also includes an exclusive recording of ‘Heart-Womb’ guided meditation that will help you deeply relax and heal,  which is only available to Vibrant Belly Massage Package clients. You will also receive a pot of ‘Women’s Blend’ massage wax for your self-care massage and a bottle of Australian Bush Flower Remedies ‘Women’s Drops’ (my go-to remedy for hormonal upsets). At £265 this package will save you a whopping £35 on the usual price.

abdominal massage sessions

 lessons in self-care massage

Womb Love

100ml jar of Women’s Blend massage wax from Songbird Naturals worth £8.99

30ml bottle of Australian Bush Flower Remedies Women’s Drops worth £9.95

Womb Yoga including breath-work, exercise and postural alignment

Heart-Womb guided meditation to bring deep relaxation and healing for your body


Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage brings  improved circulation, lymph flow and muscle tone to your abdominal organs which can significantly improve a range of symptoms. In combination with visualisation and energy work the massage can also create profound healing and relaxation.

Self-care massage lesson

Learning how and when to massage your own belly, with bespoke tuition, means you can improve your symptoms in between sessions. There is a video and written instructions to support you.

Womb Love

A unique blend of self-care massage, womb yoga and visualisation to melt away your blocks and bring you deeply into relationship with your power.

Women’s Blend Massage Wax

Worth £7.99, this blend of geranium, frankincense and bergamot is the most popular massage wax I use. Having your own supply makes massaging your belly a luxurious experience. If you don’t believe me you can read the reviews.

Australian Bush Flower Remedies Women’s Drops

Costing £8.99 for 30ml, this remedy has a fine reputation for balancing the hormones and to help you feel good about our body. 7 drops under your tongue just once a day can make an amazing difference. You can learn more about Women’s Drops here.

Womb Yoga

The gentle stretches of Womb Yoga and breath work perfectly complement the self-care massage, helping to boost energy flow and circulation in the pelvis and belly. With a greater awareness of posture, your pelvis can start to find its right place allowing you to feel grounded and strong, while your organs function more efficiently.

The Vibrant Belly Massage Package makes a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one and you can get yours using the button below. Once I have received your payment I will email confirmation and a link to the exclusive resources.