Abdominal Massage


abdominal massageAbdominal  massage is a powerful treatment used to manage digestive and hormonal conditions, it uses a variety of massage styles to address issues such as: –

Bringing the sacrum into alignment and gently allowing the digestive and reproductive organs to move back into place will improve the flow of blood, lymph and nerves so helping the hormones come back into balance. The careful intention and focus also supports emotional healing which often accompanies recovery from troublesome symptoms. This ancient massage practise is needed more than ever today, when we struggle to love our bellies and all that they contain.

Treatment includes

A full personal history to be filled in before your session and explored when we meet. Deep sacral and abdominal massage alongside rebozo and other techniques to support your body’s natural move towards well-being. A self-care plan can be made to meet your needs and further your well being. How does it work?

A massage to your belly will –

  • bring fresh blood to your womb and ovaries
  • promotes hormonal balance
  • helps your body to get rid of old tissue and stagnant blood
  • softens old scar tissue
  • repositions a tilted uterus
  • support efficient digestion
  • You may also start to feel more empowered and re-connect with your body

Free Stuff

Self-help abdominal massage is an amazing resource, when done every day is can support your well-being in a beautiful way. I teach my clients how to do this as part of their session, but if you would like to get an idea of how to do it you can access the video here or get written instructions for Belly massage instructions for self-care for you to download. There is also a free audio you can download to learn a mindful self-care massage to develop a loving attitude towards your belly.

Deep Abdominal Treatment is not recommended

  • For 3 days before or during a period
  • With a coil
  • After recent surgery
  • With any infection or raised temperature

If you are in doubt about when to book in, just give me a ring to discuss it.


Your first session will be 75 minutes and cost £62 or a one hour option is also available for follow-up treatments at £50. Please get in touch to arrange your appointment, or you can book now online or buy a voucher for a lucky friend.