Biodynamic Massage

Biodynamic massageWe all know how profoundly stress affects our lives, creating cycles of tension and disturbance. Biodynamic massage addresses stress by working with your body on both a physical and energetic level, helping to melt away tensions,  balance the nervous system and bring your body back to a calm, relaxed state. A great tool for any woman wanting to deepen their personal growth, the massage aims to complete cycles of over-charged tension and bring the body back to enable self-regulation and awareness.

 The Benefits of Biodynamic Massage

A Biodynamic massage will have all the benefits of an ordinary massage

  • improved circulation
  • reduced muscle tension
  • reduced stress
  • deep relaxation
  • enhanced immunity

In an environment of trust and support, where you are held both emotionally and physically, profound effects can occur. Naturally this varies from person to person, but after a Biodynamic Massage clients may report feeling:

  • grounded and peaceful
  • put back together
  • re-connected with themselves
  • able to soften and feel again
  • they have space to breathe
  • lighter
  • better body awareness and self-image

Clients come with all sorts of stress related conditions like back ache, overwhelm, recovering from trauma, sleep problems and anxiety.

 What happens in a session

When we first meet there is a full consultation about your needs, health and expectations of the massage. From this exchange we can decide how to focus the work and how many sessions to book before we review our progress. Using different techniques and touch to suit each client’s individual needs and state of mind, the massage can vary from deep muscular release work or work on the connective tissue, to gentle stroking, holding, stretches or aura work.

Biodynamic massage does not usually involve oil so you can remain clothed if that feels right for you. Sometimes though, oil can be great and Moogwax massage wax is a nourishing medium to use. Lying on a really comfortable couch, cocooned with blankets and supported by cushions you are ready to let go.

A stethoscope is often used to observe your peristalsis or tummy rumbling. This gives feedback as to how your body is unwinding during the treatment. There is always space for you to talk if that’s what you need, or to stay quiet within your profoundly relaxed state. The most important thing is that it should feel good for you in the moment.  At the end of the session there is time for you to gather yourself and say a few words of feedback if you feel it’s necessary.

Originally devised as a psychotherapeutic tool to deepen the process of self-discovery over a period of time, Biodynamic massage can work equally well as a short-term treatment to help create states of profound relaxation which provide balance to a busy life.   Sessions last 75 minutes and cost £62, limited concessionary places are available or a one hour option is also available at £50. Please get in touch to arrange your appointment or you can book now online or buy a voucher for a friend.