Kate Codrington“Every woman can feel comfortable in her skin and to enjoy the experience of being alive in her body.”

When we are comfortable and contented in our skin we can relax, notice our needs and take care of ourselves, connect and grow and create any damn thing we want out there! The core of this contentment for me is the connection which has come to ground me in my body. This is why I love to do this work.

I have been using massage professionally since 1993, running a successful on-site massage company, working with Reiki and with women affected by HIV and AIDS at Body and Soul and in private practice. After training in Biodynamic methods with Gerda Boyesen I deepened my understanding by studying at Chiron gaining a certificate in Body Psychotherapy and Biodynamic Massage.

I have worked in many settings teaching, practicing and writing about massage, usually focusing on women’s health and am still fascinated with the process of empowering women by supporting body awareness.

Having loved massage during my own pregnancies, I was inspired to study with Suzanne Yates at  Well Mother where I gained a credit for my diploma and now specialise in pregnancy massage.

I trained in abdominal massage in 2013 with Helen Petch and Clare Blake. It makes the perfect bridge between the energetic healing of Biodynamic work and the issues that arise from the cyclical nature of being a woman. My fertility massage and rebozo massage skills have been developed further by studying with Clare Blake in 2014.

The movement and exercise I started to learn at Well Mother has brought me to train in Womb Yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. This started my interest in menstruality and I took the Women’s Quest Apprenticeship Leadership Training in 2016.

When I’m not working with massage, I support therapists to feel relaxed about their marketing with online training  and run Love Your Belly workshops. I also run the PAPA birth network, an inspirational bunch of experts who work with birth, pregnancy and young families in Watford and Hertfordshire.

I am a member of the ABMT (Association of  Biodynamic Massage Therapists) and hold full insurance. I have professional supervision and keep my skills updated, you can find a full list of my qualifications here.

I’d love to hear from you, my practice is based in Watford and you can contact me on:

07813 402477

kate.codrington@gmail.com or use the form below

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