Massage FAQ

  • What is biodynamic massage?

    Biodynamic massage is an energy based massage that uses a variety of techniques to help people manage stress and stress-related conditions such as anxiety, adrenal fatigue, body image and feelings of overwhelm. Biodynamic therapists are unique in using a stethoscope to listen to their peristalsis, this shows how the client is ‘digesting’ and letting go of their stress as the massage progresses.

  • What does abdominal massage do?

    Helps with bloating, constipation, heavy or irregular periods, fertility and menopausal symptoms

  • How does abdominal massage work?

    Using massage to bring the sacrum into alignment and gently allow the digestive and reproductive organs to move back into place will improve the flow of blood, lymph and nerves so helping the body come back into balance.

  • Is pregnancy massage safe?

    Massage with a trained therapist is safe all through pregnancy, you can read my article here and this video/blog here.

  • How often should I come for massage?

    Clients come for massage as often as their resources allow, regular sessions have an accumulative effect and reduce symptoms and improve well-being more quickly. That might mean weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

  • Do you give massage to men?

    I'm afraid not, my interest is with supporting women.

  • What should I wear for my massage?

    It is really important that my clients feel comfortable in themselves and are able to rela when they come for a massage, so you can wear and many or as few clothes as you like. I adapt my work to fit around your needs.

  • How do pregnant women lie on your massage couch?

    Most women are comfortable lying on their side on my massage couch. I support the bump and legs with cushioned so you're totally comfy. If this is not appropriate I have several other options to help you get as comfy as possible.

  • Is there any time I shouldn't get a massage?

    In most cases I adapt my work to be appropriate to your circumstances, however you shouldn't come for massage if you are feverish, infectious or experiencing unexplained bleeding. Abdominal massage is not appropriate for 3 days before or during a period with a coil or after recent surgery.

  • What happens if I have to cancel?

    Please can you give me at least 24 hours notice of cancelled appointments. If this is not possible, you can gift your appointment to a friend or family member, otherwise the full fee is due.

  • Are the sessions confidential?

    Absolutely! The details of sessions, medical and personal histories will stay confidential. Where my massage work is discussed, for example in supervision, no information will be given which would disclose a client’s identity.

  • Do you follow professional guidelines?

    Indeed I do: I am a full member of ABMT, the Association of Biodynamic Massage Therapists. I abide by their code of ethics and conduct and their CPD requirements. ABMT is affiliated with the General Council for Massage Therapies. I hold full professional insurance.