Overview from Kate

Kate head shotWorking with touch has been part of my  portfolio career since having a massage from Linda Harness in 1991. I had thought that massage was really for pampered princesses and not for the likes of me and I found that the effect was astonishing. My normally busy mind became still and as languid as a mill pond, my body seemed to hum expansively. Touch wasn’t a big part of my family’s language and I became interested in how I could become more comfortable in my skin. Why did most touch feel uncomfortable when some felt brilliant? How could I get some more of that expansive humming?

I learned holistic massage from Linda and qualified in June 1993. When I started my practice and began to see regular clients both in corporate on-site work in the city and with people affected by HIV, more questions arose. How come some clients seemed to pull away from my hands in various parts of their bodies and yet return week after week for their appointment? These questions took me first to train in Biodynamic Massage and Psychotherapy with Gerda Boyesen in 1996 and later to Chiron to study Body Psychotherapy in 1998.

These days I have changed from working with psychotherapy to specialising in pregnancy and abdominal massage for women. Whatever symptoms clients bring, I aim to hold a space where women can let go and just be themselves in the moment and feel how they are.

I trained in abdominal massage with Helen Petch and Clare Blake and use this, along with rebozo techniques to work with digestive and emotional issues. The Abdominal and sacral work has made a bridge between the world of pregnancy hormones and the emotional world of Biodynamic massage.

My massage work continues as part of my portfolio alongside supporting therapists with online courses.

Following my interest in women’s cycles, I attended Red School’s Women’s Quest Apprenticeship in 2016 and was the first graduate in the Menstrual Medicine Circle process in 2018.

If you have questions about my work you can find some answers here. Or you can read what my clients think about my work here. You can find a list of my qualifications here.

My intention is to use my intelligence and compassion to help women feel so good in their skin that they can have all of themselves seen. They can shine in the world.

There are some press articles below, also you may find some interesting photos here of me massaging in the last century!

I am available to comment on

  • Women’s health
  • Pregnancy
  • Managing stress
  • Work-life balance
  • And am happy to offer massage treatment in return for a review

You can contact me by email on or by phone 07813 402477