Massage Lessons for Dads for Pregnancy and Birth

Massage lessons for Dads-to-be

Research shows that massage stimulates endorphins in the body and oxytocin too: the hormone of love that is so important for a natural birth. If you would like a massage from your partner while your pregnant or would like them to practice for the birth you can book an hours session so they can learn how to…


  • Ease swelling in your hands and feet during pregnancy
  • Give a wonderful shoulder and arm massage that is perfect after a days work or in-between contractions
  • Give massage to the lower back during labour
  • Use special labour support points during the birth


It is helpful for you to come for a massage first so that I can understand you and hear your medical history to make sure the massage is appropriate and safe.

Sessions last 60 minutes and cost £55. Please get in touch to arrange your appointment or you can pay now online.


photo credit: JodyDigger via photopin cc