Postnatal Massage

Your body goes through huge changes after the birth; though your life will have changed forever, it can take more than a year to get back to ‘normal’ and it is easy to forget to look after yourself.

While you enjoy the postnatal massage, your new-born can lie beside you on the table or you can bring a friend to care for your baby during the session.

You can choose from booking regular appointments to support you after the birth or coming for a one-off de-stress. There is also the Blooming Pregnancy Massage Package which will save you £35 on eight hours of bespoke care all through your pregnancy and into the new born era.

Massage at this time helps to bring you back into yourself, for example it may:

  • ease muscle strain from the birth
  • ease shoulder tension from breastfeeding
  • give you a chance to relax so you can enjoy your baby
  • help your tummy to recover
  • gentle allow your womb and digestive organs to come back into place
  • give you really precious me-time

Rebozo massage is particularly helpful after you’ve had your baby and treatments can include ‘closing the bones’; a perfect treatment to start your recovery from birth. Abdominal massage can also help the uterus to shrink down back to its normal ‘non-pregnant’ position. You can find out more information about the postnatal period here.

Sessions last 75 minutes and cost £62, some concessionary places are available or a one hour option is also available at £50. Please get in touch to arrange your appointment or you can book now online. Vouchers are available to purchase too for a lucky friend, you can find out how to do that here.