Pregnancy Massage

Pregnant belly

Pregnancy is an extraordinary process, both joyful and stressful. Your body undergoes huge changes to meet the needs of your growing baby. Massage has been used for centuries as a way of easing the strain of pregnancy and helping women connect with their babies. It can be used safely at all stages of pregnancy.

Women come for all kinds of reasons: to ease aches and pains, to get some precious ‘me time’, to explore their feelings about pregnancy and their changing body, to prepare for birth and to nourish themselves after their baby has arrived.

You can choose from booking regular appointments to support you through your pregnancy or coming for a one-off de-stress.

 What happens in pregnancy massage?

When we first meet, there is a full consultation concerning your pregnancy, health and needs. From this exchange we can decide what our objectives are and what kind of massage is most beneficial. Bee Balm or Moogwax is a nourishing medium to use, though massage without oil is also wonderfully holding. There is a wide range to choose from:

Together we can find ways to allow you to deeply relax, whatever stage of pregnancy you are in.

You will be lying on a really comfy couch, usually on your side, well supported by an array of cushions so you feel cocooned, supported and ready to let go. You can choose how much you want to undress as massage can be done over clothes; your comfort is the most important thing.

If you know that you love getting massage, I can also teach your partner to give you safe, relaxing massages all through your pregnancy.

Massage for your bump can also be beneficial for your digestion, your baby and in getting your baby into a better position for birth. You can request a bump massage when you come and in the second and third trimesters, learn how to do it for yourself.


First Trimester

The first trimester can be both an anxious and exciting time; with the hormonal changes taking place you can feel tired, emotional and nauseous. Gentle massage at this time may help to settle your body and:

  • relieve muscular tension
  • reduce anxiety and support calmness
  • relieve headaches
  • provide reassurance and support

Second Trimester

As your baby grows you may be feeling the strain! As well as relieving the muscular aches and pains, you can start to make a connection with your baby using breathing techniques that you and your partner can do together at home. Massage may also help to:

  • manage oedema and swollen joints
  • ease your aching back and legs
  • help you get a good night’s sleep
  • support postural awareness
  • get your baby into the best posible position for birth (OP)

Third Trimester

pregnant bellyAs you start to look forward to the birth, you can involve your partner by bringing him to a massage lesson for pregnancy and birth. This can help you both make a good connection with your baby, ease your aches on a daily basis and can also be used in labour. Pregnancy massage also helps to:

  • ease your back and shoulders
  • create for space with bump massage
  • connect with your baby
  • move your baby into a good position with exercises
  • prepare for the birth emotionally and physically

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Sessions last 75 minutes and cost £62, limited concessionary places are available or a one hour option is also available at £50. Please get in touch to arrange your appointment or you can book now online or buy a voucher for a friend.