Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy exerciseAs we spend so much time sitting at desks and computers, pregnant women are suffering more often from aches and pains. These sessions use a combination of easy exercises, breathing, guided visualisation and ways of supporting good posture during your pregnancy.

Gentle Pregnancy Exercises

  • Stay fit and flexible
  • Encourage your baby into a good position for birth (OP)
  • Bond with your baby
  • Ease shoulder back ache
  • Relax

Pregnancy Breathing and Guided meditation

Breathing from the belly brings

  • more oxygen to your baby
  • tones your pelvic floor
  • creates more room for baby and you
  • prepares you for birth

In combination with guided meditations and visualisation, breath-work will bring you a sense of calm and connection with your baby.

Postural Support for Pregnancy

Your posture will change as your belly grows and it’s easy to arch your back to balance yourself. This brings your spine out of alignment and can make you more vulnerable to injury. Changes you can integrate into your everyday life can help you to being your spine back into alignment and avoid injury and aches.

Having completed training in high risk pregnancy, these pregnancy exercise sessions are safe for all stages of pregnancy. I have also attended training for pelvic girdle pain and can be appropriately adapted for SPD and non-specific pelvic pain.


Sessions last 45 minutes and cost £45. Please get in touch to arrange your appointment or you can pay now online.