Pregnancy Massage Package

If you would like complete care throughout your pregnancy as well as  support for your recovery after your baby arrives, my

pregnancy massage package

is a fantastic service. With seven hours of bespoke care, you can choose from pregnancy massage treatments, massage lessons for your partner, pregnancy movement and posture sessions and postnatal massage.  It includes an exclusive recording of ‘Heart Womb and Baby’ guided meditation that will help you to connect with your baby all through your pregnancy and a100ml pot of Bee Balm to massage your bump and then use on your baby when it arrives.  At £294 this package will save you a whopping £35 on the usual price.

 pregnancy massage treatments

massage lessons for your partner

pregnancy breathing, movement and postural alignment

Heart-Womb guided meditation to help you bond with your baby

 postnatal massages

100ml pot of Bee Balm to massage your bump and then use on your baby when it arrives


Bespoke Pregnancy Massage Treatments

Every treatment is designed in consultation to create a safe space for you to completely relax and let go of your every day concerns, while addressing common pregnancy issues. Many women find this the ideal time to bond with their baby and catch up with the incredible changes that pregnancy brings.

Massage Lesson

Ever wished you had a massage therapist at your beck and call? This 1 hour session will teach your partner simple massage skills to use during your pregnancy and labour. The lesson includes written instructions to take away as well as bespoke massage according to your unique needs.

Breathing, movement and Posture Sessions

This session will give you safe, easy exercises to help manage your stress while you are pregnant and to help get your baby into a good position for birth.

Heart-Womb Meditation

This exclusive guided meditation can be downloaded to your phone or iPod to help you relax and connect with your baby wherever you are.

Postnatal Massage Treatments

After your baby arrives you need all the rest and quiet you can get, coming for massage helps to address sore shoulders and tired limbs after the birth, helping you to recover and begin to come back into yourself.

Bee Balm

I use Bee Balm to massage my pregnant clients as the natural ingredients  contain no nasties at all! The olive oil, beeswax, propolis and vitamin E help to sooth itchy skin and moisturise even the most sensitive mum-to-be. Your partner can use it to massage you while you’re pregnant and it’s also great for protecting baby’s bum too so has life after birth! The 100ml jar would usually cost £8.99 plus postage.

The Blooming Pregnancy Package makes a wonderful gift for a mum-to-be and you can get yours using the button below. Once you have purchased the package you will receive a unique code which can be used to schedule your appointments and you’ll also get a link to the resources.